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One of the best dystopian novels I have read. It manages to be sci-fi in nature whilst laced with ethical and moral implications that would inevitably come about during the end of the universe. Probably the most accurate depiction of the end of human existence, it’s inherent genius lies in the ability to lead you to one conclusion before subverting your ideas during the next. 

Grab it. Read it. And remember to close your eyes during any prolonged green flashes that may appear in the night sky.  

Fear and Loathing…

Fantasamazing (I told you it would catch on) book…. 

If you do not own it. Run. Purchase it now.

P.S It’s better than the film 

What You Should Be Reading….

This Prose is written in the style of various dictionary entries chronicling the life and love story of one couple. Elegantly composed and eloquently written, I could want for nothing more than to curl up on the couch with a cup of tea as a beautiful boy reads me passages from my beautiful book…

How am I supposed to work with all of these distractions